Don’t Quit..❤️

Life has never been a bed of roses.

To be honest, the thought of quitting came on my mind various times but no matter how much I love what I do, the thoughts of quitting and just walking away show up in my mind whenever things get hard. And in the past, I spent many sleepless nights. 

However, I’m strongly against quitting when things get hard. When I see situations are going out of control I begin to drill down for the solutions and that’s the reason I am standing upright even though so many times storms have tried to pull me down.

We always assume that there’s a straight line from where we are to where we want to be. But actually, this is a zig-zag path and we have to cross it with patience. I have learned many things from my past and I’m still learning. Here are some things I’ve learned that I think will be helpful to you:

  • Be your own role model and don’t wait for someone to push you ahead. Build discipline by forcing yourself to work. Discipline is reliable.
  • Don’t run from the tough times. Practice, practice, and practice and learn, learn & learn. 
  • Always try to see things with positive lenses. This will help you see tough times from different perspectives.
  • Always remember, the road to success is not smooth, it’s a bumpy ride with several rough patches, you need to change your perspective for crossing it. My recipe is to take things one step at a time. Have a clear road picture, as with traveling any path, there will be turns, obstacles, and gaps, so you must contemplate them and adjust accordingly. Don’t take failure personally; keep moving forward.
  • Keep trying, keep dreaming. Don’t quit❤️. Never call it a day and try to build the world you can see, despite the fact that others can’t see it. Even if things look hopeless right now, your future is bright!


“There is no substitute for hard work.” Never give up. Never stop believing. Never stop fighting.


Have a great time



Slow Living!!



Doing what I do best, A slow living




As soon as we wake up, we are propelled by our activities which, for some, only stop in the evening, in our cozy bed and for it’s the best time of the day 😊<3. Everything goes fast, and everything must go to a fast sort of life. 


Back in 2018, I had self-realization, and during the process, one thing which I learned was Slow Living. How much peace is vital than anything else. I am still a learner. I wish I had focused on it a Lil earlier, and I regret not doing that. For me, life has changed in the past 5-6 years. And now in my 30’s I still am in my 20’s may because I have missed outliving those. And I don’t think anything wrong there. Any moment you get to relive is life… 


This fast-paced life prevents us from refocusing on the valid values of life. Adapting slow living is enchanting, doing things that I am loving use to love in my 20 something as well. Doing things which made me happy then and now, like more of talking, reading, being present, and aware of the surroundings, leisurely morning coffee. 


I use to be one girl running on calendar and dates, but now with changing times and the realization I am more on towards what I love, sometimes I am slow away from the internet. Yes, I do take breaks in between to peace out and grab a book and get lost. Not that I don’t plan out my day, yes I do. Instead, I am a sucker for planners & Journals. 


It’s like I am carrying them with me always, keep noting down things I love, may a meeting, or a next day plan in my planner. Doing this gives me focus every morning when I get up. So my calendar is still active but has changed with less of shoulds to what I love. 



Slow living is attainable, try doing these. 


  • Declutter, create more space
  • Replace your screen time with reading, craftwork, music, the outdoors greens. 
  • Say no to junk food and yes to real food
  • Slow down your breathing
  • More of eternal care, your body, your soul. 
  • Homemade body treatments
  • Keep your thoughts on today. Focus on now.


One quote I relate too “A fast approach tends to be a superficial one. But when you slow down, you begin to engage more deeply with whatever it is you’re doing. Speed becomes a form of denial. It’s a way of running away from those deeper, tangled problems.” — Carl Honoré








One thing for sure I have learned during the stages of life, work, or relationships; the best items in life can’t be rushed.



What are your thoughts on slow living? Let us know in the comments or on @Instagram





Plants And Pothos.. All Greens

Thought of it’s as nice of a reminder on a Monday morning.. Morning Everyone ..

download (2).jpg


We’re living in a culture of attachment: we buy things to fill a void, we believe that more truly is more, we attach meaning and status to the things that surround us.

You can only lose what you cling to.”

Buddha said, “You can only lose what you cling to.” Sometimes we hang on so fiercely that our sense of self becomes hopelessly intertwined with the things that fill our life

As you practice today, try to unclench and Let Go

Sharing today a simple care guide for pothos plants which almost seems redundant because they are so very easy to keep alive.

Let me know if you are also an owner of a small Pothos plant at your place in the comments below. Here at Shreeyaholic we ie Me, my mother and my Paa we indulge into Pots making and plants acre together with itsy bitsy of home decor, you can find us on

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Seriously it is the easy peasy plant, if you only water them when they start to look wilty, you’ll have them for years. It is an excellent option for even low-light homes like ours. Pothos has various numerous common names, including golden pothos, hunter’s robe, ivy arum, money plant, and taro vine. Its also called Devil’s Ivy is because it’s nearly impossible to kill and stays alive even when kept in the dark.


Sharing few of my Pothos we have nurtured at our home,

This is one shiny plant, ohh!! this is my Fathers favorite one
This one is at my Office Space and has propagated them there and further from this given to my other office mates as well.. Its always good to have greens around.. 🙂
This is from one of our Balcony

However, if you want to take the best care of them so they’re the happiest and healthiest they can be, here are our best tips.

Our Best Tips

Soil and Water

Pothos do best when placed in a container with water. Well if you wish to transfer them to soil be very careful as they adapt to place they are first settled to.


Pothos do best when their soil is allowed to dry out between waterings.

If you find the leaves glossy, green, and perky, the plant is happy; if they’re wilting or turning brown, you’re not watering enough. Yellow leaves are a sign of over-watering and root-rot. Don’t let the soil sit constantly wet ever. 

Propagating Pothos

To propagate a new pothos from your existing plant, start with a six-inch piece of stem that has several leaves.


Few tips to add:

  1. Always grow pothos in small containers they can grow to about six to 10 feet over time.
  2. Pothos is just perfect for our office space and our homes(Indoor) and Bathrooms (yes they ornamental plant for Bathrooms) because it helps remove carbon monoxide from the air, add this plant in your bedroom to ensure enough oxygen while sleeping.
  3. Repot your pothos if the roots have consumed the pot. Take one size larger container when you are taking it out and add fresh potting soil.
  4. Pothos is very easy from cuttings, place this cut stem with a node on it in a glass of water and wait for it to root. Then plant this in a small container.
  5. Avoid direct sunlight, Pale leaves means too much sun.
  6. Pothos definitely dislikes soggy roots. The leaves droop when the plant is thirsty and needs a drink.
  7. Fertilize your Pothos Plant about once every three months as this will help the plant grow more quickly.

Let me know if you already own Pothos, and will like to have big leaves out of them. yes, we have done that too. Thanks to my father for teaching me those tips, under his guidance we work together and take care of our plants.







Today sharing with you the best way to Cherish your beautiful memories. We are 4 days away from the New Year. ❤❤ Many of us traveled to various new countries and enjoyed the culture and cuisine there. ❤❤ Few got married, had kids, got into new relationships.


While a few others stayed single and found a new meaning to life isn’t it?… ❤❤ No matter how much the highs and lows we enjoyed in life, we want to treasure these special moments, don’t we?


What best could be than having those zillions of images we have in Our phone and get them printed out. I always believe in capturing Memories and just freeze it. And what’s best than making memories stay forever with prints. Have you brought out those memories of all the beautiful times spent with your family and friends yet?. Make those memories a part of your life. 

According to me, photos need to be kept not only on the phone but also print, create an album like in the good old days… There’s no substitute really for printed photos even if its the age of Instagram and Facebook! And what if they are personalized, who don’t like personalized things in their own place?? 

What if you have a portable digital photo album that gives you the advantage of always having your photos on hand. While useful for a family, it is also invaluable for a businessman who needs to carry photographs of his catalog at all times. The photographs are easily uploaded and can be changed extremely easily without the need for major equipment. It’s a convenient way of carrying something that used to be big and heavy.


Nothing beats a great print big or small! Isn’t it.


Now, fewer people print photos! Rather sad to see this but because everyone now wants it in their pockets. Technology is great But sometimes it leaves the past behind and makes things obsolete when simple is better in my opinion!


And thank god, recently I came across @zoominstories where you can select pictures from Instagram and get them printed in photobooks. They have a lot of pretty themes to select from also. They also have a variety of options to select from soft/ hardcover photo-books, canvas prints, and personalized planners/ calendars. And all of it can be done in a jiffy! By just a few clicks… ❤❤❤  

Thank you so much @zoominstories for sending us this amazing personalized Hardcover PhotoBook… this has good hardcover back, pages and photo prints are of really good quality… Also not only that you can also grab the Pocket-sized Planner which I got from their App which is so useful for a person like me jotting down small goals and to-dos on a go… 

@zoominstories has many such wonderful personalized products to make your special moments more memorable. Head to @zoominstories and check out the plethora of innovative products they offer.

Friends come in all shapes and sizes

Friends come in all shapes and sizes. There are the Facebook-only friends, who you hide from when you see them at Coles. There are the users, who only pop up when they need something or want to get together so they can spend five hours whining about their love life. There’s also the life-long friends, who you see once in a blue moon but feel like no time has passed when you finally do catch up, as well as the ya-ya-sisterhood/border-line same-sex relationship you have with your very best friend. You’re not just friends, you’re soul mates!


Here I am talking About those friendships that us women have with women.. yes soul friends!!


They see us at our worst. When we have broken down and are lying on the floor without a hope in the world. They know when to allow us to break down. To cry. To let it all out.


And they know when to set us straight. To deliver us some hard truths that only these true friendships are capable of. Delivering truths knowing that the words will not sting but that they will be felt with the best intentions of kindness, love, and reality..



The impact positive relationships with other women can have on our lives is profound because women understand women. To have another woman listen to you in a time of difficulty, without judgment or fear of gossip, to have her understand and respect the gambit of emotions running through you, is invaluable. To have another woman support you and believe in you, tell you that you can achieve your dreams in life and you are beautiful and intelligent, is invaluable.


Luckily I have found this Angel in my life, whom I call Snowwhite. Having someone this close to you is rare in today’s world. And I am so grateful to have your friendship…




At times they may know us better than ourselves. These women are The ones that reside in our inner circle.



And while sometimes this inner circle alters. Sometimes its shape grows or shrinks. Sometimes it’s members swap out. That is just life in its constant flow.



I feel so Grateful..